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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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freeboard live video for your media project free video games or t.v. dot com. britain reveals it failed to protect its detainees from abuse under the us extraordinary rendition program as american officials are sued for ruling torture it's ok secret prisons. from top brass to top spy u.s. army general petraeus is set to become the next cia t.v. but opponents question if the outgoing commander in afghanistan to stage for the job. ukraine's x.-treme or goes on trial over charges of abuse of power allegedly losing a country hundreds of millions of dollars energy deals. and all cry from
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families in india who accuse the government of allowing the use of the controversial pesticide which they say is killing their children. also in business so you will is mixed up dropping four point six percent the session before why is this happening how this affecting the russian market join me in twenty minutes from . now watching r.t. coming to live from moscow marina joshie welcome to the program the u.k. failed to track detainees handed over to the us neglecting to protect them from possible abuse the shocking revelations forced through by british m.p.'s expose a secret agreement over the treatment of prisoners passed over to washington via lawns and daniel bushell met one victim has spent years in america's most notorious overseas prison. cohen as was arrested on the streets and sent to guantanamo for
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torture after five years america released him without charge to this day the u.s. has given no explanation all said story couldn't as is suing george bush's lawyer alberto gonzales for ruling torture is legal interrogators from the land of the free are free to cause quote simulated drowning and rape boy instrumentality impairment of bodily function organ failure and even this i was one of those who survived those kind of torture. myself. because i want science. i was forced to agree. and i was. the us refused to even reveal the will hold income earners his mother his lawyer to find her son it took several years there was no chance to get in contact corners
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it's a shame for the united states what happened in this plot concerned national. and it's simply impossible and twenty first century. put someone in the next. room. you have. pushed for moves to end the practices they are imposing a set of standards on our intelligence communities in terms of interrogating prisoners there are people we think will be an effective in the classified memo gonzalez did warn us gods it was legally safer to perform torture on foreign soil and ministers in the european union were glad to oblige e.u. agreed to help arrest and transport people to countries where they could be tortured in a meeting here at nato headquarters in two thousand and one detainee's may or may not have been guilty since they never received
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a real trial we just caught know for sure. obama was elected on the promise to show . that he's even appealed us court rulings which give detainees some droids two years home but prison still open for business but all is the bush administration guilty of. crimes against humanity sociopathic street and so's your people for participating and what exactly executives from bush down no fear going abroad of the foreigners fuld lawsuits over torture when the world is what america's doing said bush's advisor we will all be ashamed bushell r.t. braman after more on what's happening in the us attention council and now talk to couric rider from there for you charity which fights for the human rights of prisoners. thanks for being here with us in the program well we've just heard
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reports seen a reported back about a victim of guantanamo bay but the u.s. has promised to stop such practices so how soon in your opinion can we expect this to happen. i'm sorry i didn't catch that can you say again absolutely well we'll just see a report on the victim of guantanamo bay zero correspondent daniel bushell but we know that the u.s. has promised to stop such practices in your opinion how soon can we expect this to happen. it's not it's not it's not clear at all i have to say why is that. well. obama administration says that it has cleaned up a number of practices with the beginning of the obama administration it shuttered cia secret prisons for example but there was a sort of working group that it had hired to discuss detention and interrogation practices and the results of that review which included a discussion
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a secret discussion about what techniques were legally permissible to be used on prisoners were never made public we don't know what that review concluded so we cannot just happen any time soon and in other words. i'm not sure you know we have asked before for the report from the working group to be made public but it's just not clear and i have to say if the obama administration wants to be seen to be improving matters where its record on the prisoner and where the u.s. is record on prisoner treatment is concerned than you'd think that it would make this kind of policy but it doesn't it has a. book or your charity acts on behalf of guantanamo bay detainees and you have met some of them yourself as far as an al but we've heard repeated allegations of abuse and torture in the detention camp so when you visited the facility what was your experience of it. it has changed over time but when we first started to go see the prisoners there shortly after the supreme court allowed prisoners to go in we had heard all kinds of stories of people being roughed up and it is now now
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today let's be clear today things are not as they were in two thousand and three and two thousand and four but at this moment the clients i go and see there are going on ten years in detention they've lost almost a decade of their lives and there's no prospect of a trial no prospect of release and congress is going on saying we need to have gone talk about forever so that's the real good need that they go through at this point uncertain future no prospect of leave. let's talk now about the case of eunice rahman. the case of your charity is filming at the moment i believe. who is now for isn't and remains there without charge after being there for seven years. what can be done for eunice next and detainees like ham as you said there are quite a few of them there. yes there are hundreds of prisoners in bagram but what makes you know special is that eunice was actually picked up by the united kingdom in iraq in february two thousand and four the u.k.
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handed him to the united states in march and april there were discussions between the u.s. and the u.k. because the u.s. wanted descendant of a problem in the u.k. didn't object despite the fact that at this time even the grade photos broke making it absolutely clear to anyone who had any doubt what was happening to prisoners in u.s. detention the u.k. says that it learned quote unquote in june of that year june two thousand and four that my client had been sent to bob graham and although there was an ammo you kind of deal between the u.s. and the u.k. that permits the u.k. to get him out of custody and never bother to do so so we've had to sue them in the united kingdom courts in haiti as corpus to tell them you have to get this prisoner back he never should have been some type of rock he was rendered on lawfully in violation of the geneva conventions and you have a responsibility to him he's your prisoner well tell you why up until now you were it was willingly sent prisoners to the states. i think it's i think it's one of the saddest parts of the whole war on terror story the way various european nations for
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the kind of witting or unwitting handmaidens of us torture practices we know about cia secret prisons in poland romania lithuania the u.k. is us his closest ally let's be clear and we saw time and again in the war on terror the u.k. getting just a little bit too close to the illegality of george bush and his cronies record kreider things for much of the for europeans here in the sonority legal director of the reprieve charity. the outgoing commander of u.s. forces and afghanistan general david petraeus is set to become the new cia chief the u.s. looks to be moving away from his heavy approach to war as washington stands firm on a mass troop pullout from afghanistan but the general's sounds to his new role behind the wheel of global covert operations are his doubts that he can be impartial artist helen ford has more. thanks for that he's been called the rock
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star four star he is without question one of the finest officers and military minds of his generation the architect of modern counterinsurgency i'm is quite often those are all of those what do you think should happen in afghanistan and my first response is well whatever do a reporter or says that's the direction in which we go through this account of respect here for you general david petraeus. who trains with on capitol hill to be confirmed as the next director of the central intelligence agency in truth my goal in uniform has always been to convey the most forthright and accurate picture possible i have to be sure offered more positive assessments than the intelligence community did but although he's been lauded as the man responsible for america's strategy in iraq former c.n.n. pentagon correspondent jamie mcintyre says he has his detractors a lot of people see him as very ambitious very calculating playing the system
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telling the american people what they want to hear. and a lot of people also some critics also think that the success that the u.s. is tolerating in iraq is vastly overstated and despite his star power some in the military say petraeus is better at navigating the media and washington than a battlefield it's called the green zone hero. these are your senior officers who never actually saw any action who have never themselves been under threats or have never pulled the trigger and killed anyone in combat although president obama called him a quote lifelong consumer of intelligence others are skeptical that the trainers will fit in at the cia their evaluation of iraq their evaluation of afghanistan have been generally diametrically opposed to what betray us has said his characterization of conditions on the ground in that country bears no resemblance to what people in the central intelligence agency to say general petraeus spent thirty seven years in uniform will hang it up to leave the cia as a civilian senate republican leaders praise president obama's decision for quote
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choosing competence in continuity but that same continuity means betrayers will be in charge of assessing his own success in iraq and afghanistan in ford artsy washington d.c. and so i have for you the program here on our t.v. the hard issues that brought leaders she the southern plains to the world's oldest continent all the details in just a few minutes. ukraine's former prime minister yulia tymoshenko is in court to face charges for abuse of power she's accused of losing your crane hundreds of millions of dollars in a gas deal with russia or his life here shasta is outside the hoarding here for us . i'll have to see you place a no no you shan't it's called a trial a farce so tell us what's happening courtroom at the moment have. all the atmosphere in the side the courtroom and around the court building in central kiev is absolutely electrifying a fifteen hundred supporters a few tomasz and will gather here since early morning to protest what they describe
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as the farcical court the farcical trial and the i related ukrainian soldiers to to shake of the former prime minister herself already started some controversy in this trial now when the judge entered the room the courtroom she refused to stand up and then said that this judge this judge must be dismissed because she believes the judge has a very low qualification to handle this very important case now the case is clearly the biggest one in ukraine along with that case of the country's former interior minister udall ten because it is being televised live by the local t.v. stations and clearly this is causing a lot of control we see here with the former prime minister herself saying that she must not be prosecuted and do believe this this case is completely political and he is being orchestrated by president bush so we are following all the developments clearly this trial will not last for one day this will be a long process for so maybe for several weeks even but maybe months and we of
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course waiting for any developments on this story and what's but the judge and the court has to say about whether you did so much and go is really involved in money in minute embezzlement and. tax evasion as it's been said by the prosecution all right well it's not the first time the asprin here is accused over the misuse of funds tell us more. well this time when your standard huge mistake what he's being charged with many different things but many different financial crimes but the most important one that's when your standard cording to the prosecution is that she is charged with striking unlawful gas deals with russia in. two thousand and nine the prosecution says that due to those unlawful contracts ukraine lost more than four hundred million u.s. dollars there are also several charges to you later machine code including the unlawful usage of ambulance cars and money and corruption and all different charges like that it clearly is not the first time that something like this happens with
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unix machine go back in two thousand and nine she was already charged with smuggling russian gas into ukraine she was put in prison back then and that caused a huge public and outcry in the society here in ukraine so. in some way experienced person in the trials and we are waiting to see what further reactions from the controversial controversial reactions we'll see from the former prime minister. ok alison thanks very much indeed for bring us the latest from kiev . it's cheap effective and highly toxic that a cell phone is a pesticide ban of most countries but still widely embraced by farmers in india however its use carries grave consequences with a whole generation of children suffering devastating health problems and while the government claims there is no affordable alternative to the chemical ordinary families are paying the price to find some of the images in pretty shredders report
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the story of. this girl's body is the size of a baby but in reality she's five years old in her short life syria has endured an operation to reduce the size of her abnormally large head and she's not the only one suffering like this the doctors who have to put it into your child's hand otherwise there would be complications. and serious mother thinks she knows what's caused it here in the cashew plantations in india southern state of carola the government's great a highly controversial pesticide endosulfan on the crops during the ninety's that the people here say is causing a generation of deformed children victims groups believe there are around nine thousand children like syria with swollen heads and developing at only half the rate they should for some parents that prospect is too much choosing abortion sometimes disturbingly late my daughter was alterations own in the eighth months of
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the pregnancy until recently india with the only country in the world which allowed the youth of endosulfan the agricultural ministries that they're within clean no other cheap alternative to the powerful path that died but after mounting pressure at home and abroad the supreme court voted on an eight week ban of the passage guide which is that to expire in may july while studies show the endosulfan causes severe developmental in reproductive problems in both humans and animals proponents of the past aside say their rivals are the ones pushing this ban these we see the only woman you go. was good. but the families of the sick feel that they've been forgotten for long enough. there is no value for human life it's all about the money people don't care about each other these things people who have money are categorized as high caste and the
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poor people i counted as low cost and nobody cares whether we are dead or alive the families are drained emotionally and financially their life savings wiped out to care for their severely disabled children we've read a figure i feel very sad when i see my child like this though it's disturbing that we have a child right. there's little point waiting for government relief repeated requests fall on deaf ears in the capital all these families can do is make the most of the short lives their disfigured children will have most will die before their twentieth birthday preassure either. carola india. now let's check out other international news we have for you today the u.s. secretary of state has warned of and ask elation risk after reports that syrian forces raided a village near the turkish border hillary clinton said it could deepen the conflict of course in the quiet of refugees troops using snipers and tanks were seen on the
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syrian side of the border on thursday forcing more people to flee to turkey over ten thousand have sheltered in camps and almost fifteen hundred killed since a crackdown on anti-government protesters started in march. the e.u. has pledged to help greece well that's what was over looming bankruptcy and the country could gain vital bailout funds once parliament passes fresh stared measures next week the greek government has to approve a further twenty billion euros of budget cuts five years there are these are passed that greece could get another twelve billion euro in cash it's part of the current rescue package for countries and the i.m.f. . watching our team coming to live from moscow and if you missed any of our on air stories and always go to our website artsy dot com they're all on line for you there plus there's always more news and video wind just for you there here's
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a text. i done scored clear is far right politician here and well there is a page charges against muslims saying his comments were within the scope of acceptable public debate. and president medvedev launches our new documentary challenge as a new vision of russia gets around the clock lobel we can see the new addition to the r.t. family at our t.v. guy party dot com. she has an obstinate and unpredictable nature if you're ready for that if you have a go it's an antarctic knows she shows rather an old favorites handing one the icy and inhospitable land treats all visitors equally from tourists to top officials are to shun thomas witnessed the world's call this continent playing house to not one but two national presidents. as a military c one thirty approaches a gravel airstrip the people on land prepare for celebration and official ceremony
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. the presidents of both she lay and ecuador are making an official visit to their respective research stations in antarctica wouldn't we but on the flow of these it is a very important visit but it is also important for our peoples as we hear the gateway to the rest of them toxic and food she like it is very important to support them took a treaty you see and think. it's important. for president sebastian pinera his visit has the potential to be a political hot point as chile holds a territorial claim or the antarctic peninsula clear down to the south pole but on this particular trip controversies were put aside in favor of a more international message but. has been and should always be a continent of peace of friendship and has to be very friendly with nature and environment and it is very much committed with that and i'm sure that the russian
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people share these feelings so to get there we had to say that because because it's a country of the future of peace and also science and technology. and while they quit or hold no boundary claim on the continent. because it does hold some national significance of this is a very impressive place you know the first time. he's here in and thirty or so very very exciting he's very proud of them for us. hosting not one but two presidents is a tricky business especially in antarctica when much of the planning can be changed at a moment's notice depending on the constantly changing and unpredictable weather we if we we have a saying about antarctica that only she knows who can and cannot visit her in fact last year both presidents been here and korea try to visit but could not land because the weather shifted and it was too dangerous. to organizing
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a presidential visit a delegation of this size it's quite difficult logistically they were able to fit in a little bit of russian culture with a visit to the trinity church. traveling with the president a delegation of both chile and ecuador's top military brass as well as chile's minister of energy. and while there were photo opportunities and press conferences here the main message from these heads of state was one of international cooperation. and thirdly case an example of union power money we can work together so in order to. to proof. and as their presidential flight leaves the continent after a successful visit those who stay behind continue their research to ensure that idea of unity is realized in antarctica sean thomas marty. time now for business updates with maytree stay with us. an.
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one welcome to you watching business our team russia is seeing massive capital outflow despite robust growth and the balance project stage is eager to reverse the flight and is introduced a number of projects among them the creation of a ten billion dollars state backed investment fund now i'm joined now by uni with of course he's chairman of the national council for investment climate development judy thank you so much for being with us so right now we're seeing oil is falling markets are down year to date capital is leaving russia how can investors because waited to put their money in russia. yes well i just feel the scene. in this is an important market nobody. saw it before and it will market with region
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for example russia still rated. of course between the suit on the world prices i mean and everything to do in recent years to do some prevents receive a. vehicle from getting around with russian used to do of course is to move the pieces the from the sea. without removing muslims into all circles and what would what would it was this is a signal to russia sending out a world in the sense of toward russia doing what it still that is it's still an attractive investment destination yes of course it is but when you need to have a clear strategy and you to understand and work what you want to do and understand the six hundred one of. one of the things we always sort of become true for another thing i talked about was to. understand how do people do you think russia could be seen as a financially safe haven in terms of the sovereign debt problems that we're seeing
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in europe which russia does not have for example or of course i think there's a looking at the basket of currencies that's going to different is the ones i think i'm sure will almost as a. over with of russia is a certain portion in india before those. well known but we simply. going to begin to form audience was asked are we going to extremists in next the future so wonderful it's. unfortunate the audience was thinking well yes nobody said no and people were spitting between the room a couple of the four saw or more about and i think i mean some environmental. think russian seaman is going talking but i'm sure when people talk about it we should point out from the confines of the did not on the international norms and i would sometimes i was a little bit about the initiative that we're seeing right now from the government
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to attract investment obviously it's a very important us saying the privatization program is saying this investment fund ten billion dollars fund being created is that going to help you think it is going to help but i think we need to do more and i will come so well that i'll get through a couple initiatives which you know someone being implement of my convention p.p.i. for a local government was. implemented for so i was a for another storm so it was something in it you can imagine and on but we need to go beyond that i think you need to look up what made you suffer from the muslims agency which will move to me and talk to those months about also be the party for foreign ministers and i should hope that's just true and honest and deal with someone's wouldn't and. you know i also argue with russian history on how. our country's ability for a country and you saw my foreign experience you know all right here it's across the thank you so much for being with us chairman of the national council for investment climate development talking to us in the studio thank you so much. thought we have
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little time but let's look at the markets now oil prices us slightly high after the first days dramatic falls caused by the surprise announcement by you sasha energy agency that was releasing strategic reserves by sweets of sixty five cents brant up by just. a notch european markets are rallying this friday off the european leaders agreed to launch a fresh package for cash strapped greece nine is there in the lead express and forgets to wrangle resources all up three percent this hour here the markets in russia also rallying on c.s. my sex up exactly two point one one to say let's take a look at some of the individual share movers if we can manage the majors and leave gas problem and. as loving as you can see there's some of the most liquid stuff in the russian markets up more than two hundred percent around the m.k. the metals mine is also gaining it's the posted a net profit of one hundred thirty four million dollars and co-sponsor of the you've been seeing previous expectations and that's all we have time for in this
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posting of business l.t. we will be back next hour with nothing headlines and exciting. communication cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool day and you just did some of the infection straight out of software to make free to go on the street kind of building blocks from bush's first nationwide ford .